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Storage services

Nowadays, “transportation services” means more than only “getting from point A to point B”. It also includes cargos’ transportation, storage, sorting, packaging and distribution. During their 16 years of business, UAB “Parnasas” have created logistics foundations for transportation, storage and distribution of goods in Lithuania. Therefore, today we can offer you high quality logistics services.

In companies, logistics costs make up to 35 percent of all sales volumes – it depends on the type of a business and materials it uses, characteristics of produced and sold products, geographical location and other factors. Usually, one of the greatest parts of expenses in business is taken by logistics costs. Modern companies that are leaders in logistics have inner information systems for process management. Using these systems allows companies to manage their logistics in real time, to effectively detect any defects or interferences and to remove them before their clients even notice. Companies that have great knowledge of their business are usually outpacing average companies in delivery speed and continuity of processes. That’s how they establish good brand image in the eyes of their clients and potential customers; in general, they get more opportunities to become good business partners.

For storage and logistics of goods our company uses warehouses in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda. Our warehouses are equipped with modern technologies, thus we can quickly and safely load and unload cargos.

Our advantages:

  • Warehouses in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda
  • Safe short-term/long-term storage
  • Convenient location, good access with a vehicle
  • Flexible work hours

Our services include:

  • Loading/unloading/mounting/sorting
  • Packaging/re-packaging
  • Gluing stickers/labels
  • Cargo distribution in Lithuania

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We want short-term (long-term) storage services in Vilnius. Some of the freight will be stored for a short period of time and will be continuously rotated (30%) and some will be stored for a longer period of time with almost no rotation.
The required storage area is between 12 and 13 PLL (places).

2) Please remember to detail the characteristics and features of the items to be stored, for example:
Stored items are moisture-averse and must be stored in a dry place, despite good packaging, and they are also loose and require careful loading/unloading. 

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    Contact us and we will answer any of your questions.