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Local and international removal services

Our Services

Why choose us?

We have been providing removal services for more than 20 years and so we know our job well.
Our goal is to make your move fast and smooth.

We offer removal services throughout Lithuania and Europe.

We offer

  • free consultation and object survey services in Lithuania;
  • furniture, equipment and other object removal services for offices, houses, apartments, farmhouses, and shops;
  • storage services;
  • archive transport services;
  • transport services of art objects;
  • transport of non-standard freight (pianos, machine tools, safes, etc.);
  • packing, carrying and assembly services;
  • packing material sale (rental) services.


  • years of experience allowing us to make quick decisions in non-standard situations;
  • a competent team of workers;
  • we have a wide range of experience in removal of large objects;
  • we provide free consultation and object survey services in Lithuania;
  • we cooperate with reliable removal partners both in Lithuania and worldwide;
  • we guarantee quality and confidentiality.

We aim to maintain as open and close a relationship of trust as possible with the client.
Our removals team will take care of everything, from selecting the right transport to getting your belongings to your specified location.

To ensure that removal services are carried out flawlessly, it is essential to entrust the job to professionals who will do it faster, while complying with all safety requirements.

1. A member of our team will arrive at your object and help you professionally prepare for the removal process by calculating the cost of the removal, setting a time frame and providing other useful information such as:

  • how to prepare your belongings for transport (to disassemble or pack);
  • how many workers will be needed to complete your order;
  • when the vehicle will need to arrive to avoid any downtime;
  • what packing materials will be needed.

2. Once we have calculated and agreed on all the removal tasks, we ensure that all the points of your removal plan are implemented:

  • we coordinate the moving time;
  • we agree on a time for the removal;
  • prepare the vehicle for the agreed time;
  • prepare the necessary packing materials for your object;
  • arrange for the required number of loaders.

3. We arrive on time and promptly move your object to the specified location, ensuring cleanliness and quality of service.

With over 20 years of experience in the international market, we have a wealth of experience and success stories.
We transport a wide range of freights – from small to very large, non-standard objects.

  • international removals of personal belongings in Europe and worldwide – door to door;
  • international removals of office furniture and equipment;
  • transport of diplomatic freight;
  • international transport of exhibition objects and various art objects;
  • handling of documentation related to the international removal service;
  • transport on routes of varying complexity, according to the needs of the client;
  • individual approach to each client;
  • ensuring confidentiality.

We are proudest of the fact that our efforts have already been recognised by more than 50 000 customers:

  • Lithuanian companies;
  • public bodies;
  • embassies;
  • international companies;
  • private individuals.

Sale and rental of packaging materials

When transporting personal or office belongings, quality packing of furniture and furnishings and
their correct placement in the vehicle is one of the most important factors for safe transport.

Our experienced team will pack your belongings properly for safe transport.

The packaging of items can be divided into the following categories:

  • packing of crockery, office equipment and computers;
  • packing of books and other small items;
  • furniture packing;
  • packing of clothes and other items.

You can always find and buy the packaging materials you need from our company.
For your convenience, we also offer packaging material rental services.

    Client information:



    When filling out the form, pay attention to:

    1) Please pay more attention to specifying your order, for example:
    I need to move 2 rooms in an apartment at Šėtos g. 4, Kaunas (1st floor) to Vilnius at Žirmūnų g. 123 (7th floor – lift available).

    2) Please remember to describe the items to be moved, their characteristics and features, for example:  
    The items to be moved range from pillows and children’s toys stacked in medium-sized boxes to a heavy (about 150 kg) wardrobe, a piano and about 10 boxes of books.

    3) If your order needs more attention, please remember to include that, for example:
    Among the items to be moved are very expensive antique chairs which require more attention in packing and transport.