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Transport of Partial Loads in Lithuania | Latvia | Estonia

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Why choose us?

Our company has been providing partial load transport services for many years, helping our clients to avoid the hassle of transport.
Our team is made up of experienced professionals with many years of experience in the freight transport industry, who have proven their abilities over several years.


Vans / trucks / lorries
Loading weight – 500 kg. / 1 t. / 10 t. / 24 t.
Loading from the rear (side)


Team of 100+ specialists
Experienced team
Professional support


A well-developed transport infrastructure that allows us to reach all parts of Lithuania promptly and daily

We have developed an extensive network of partial loads transport in the Baltic states.





  • same-day freight pick-up;
  • freight distribution option.
  • partial cargo transportation in the Baltic countries;
  • transportation of non-standard and thermal cargo;
  • cargo distribution between branches, stores, warehouses;
  • return of documents;
  • loading services.
  • warehouses (in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda);
  • short-term (long-term) storage of freight.
  • cargo transshipment services from car to car;
  • mechanized and manual loading services;
  • cargo weighing, marking, packing.

Four-handed service

Carrying loads/furniture/parcels weighing from 30kg to 80kg to the door with the help of two people.

  • heavy or non-standard cargo (furniture, household appliances, mattresses) delivered to the door quickly and safely;
  • delivery until 20:00 every day;
  • delivery on weekdays, Saturday and Sunday.

It is an easy to order and fast service.

    Client information:



    When filling out the form, pay attention to:

    1) Please pay more attention to describing the freight, for example: Standard EUR-pallet, its weight – 300 kg.

    2) Please give the exact addresses of the pick-up and drop-off points.

    3) If your order requires additional attention, do not forget to specify it, for example: thermal mode; additional loading works; return of documents.